2 rare antique LAUER signed miniature brass medal plaques of SCHUBERT and MOZART

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2 rare antique LAUER signed miniature brass medal plaques of SCHUBERT and MOZART

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2 rare antique LAUER signed miniature brass medal plaques of SCHUBERT and MOZART

This is a most unusual set of TWO brass placque medals signed by LAUER who was a German medalist.   They are in their original brass frames, with their original rope / cord on top.  They were probably meant to be hung on a wall or on the backside of a cabinet.  They’re very lightweight, as they are made of brass (and not bronze).

The overall height from the top of the hanging rope to the bottom of the frame is about 6″.

The height of the brass frame from top to bottom is about 3 1/2″ and the width about 2″

The plaques themselves measure about 2 1/8″ high, 1 1/8″ wide.

Hopefully, the pictures I’ve provided will show you the beautiful workmanship on these medals.   In all my years of hunting I have never seen any workmanship like this – of course, I haven’t seen everything !

Looking closely at them with a magnifier, it appears that they might have originally been silver plated.  I cannot tell 100%, nor can I tell how much of that plating is actually still there, due to the dirt that has accumulated.  I DO NOT attempt to clean or fix my antique metalware.  I prefer my thing to be as-is and so I will leave that up to the next owner to decide what to do.

The cord/rope on top looks to be original, and has some interesting workmanship on it, like a weave pattern.

Each one is signed “LAUER”.

One plaque is of MOZART, and reads:

    “GEB 27 JAN 1756  *  GEST 5 DEZ 1791”

    “W. A. MOZART”

The other plaque is of SCHUBERT, and reads:

    “GEB 31 JAN 1797   * GEST 19 NOV 1828”

    “F. P. SCHUBERT”

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2 rare antique LAUER signed miniature brass medal plaques of SCHUBERT and MOZART

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